My name is Paul Miller and I am running for University Heights City Council.  I have lived in University Heights for 43 years and care deeply about our beautiful city.  Over the years I have been an active resident who fully understands the complexities of being on Council.  My main responsibility is YOU the residents. Working together with you, Council, and the Mayor, all things are possible with hard work.  I give you my word that I will take the position of representing our City very seriously and will not shirk from making the hard decisions.  My voice will be YOUR voice and I will always be there for YOU!!

Fixing our sidewalks is extremely important. They are dangerous and in deplorable condition. I will work with the Police & Fire maintain their level of excellence. I will promote a stronger Neighborhood Watch Program. I will work toward a financially stronger city.  I will work to obtain a protocol so that phone calls to City Hall are returned in 24 hours.




I was appointed by former Mayor Beryl Rothschild to be a member of a select committee to review our City Charter.  The Charter is the by-laws of the city which is the cornerstone of how our city operates.  All those in government in University Heights must now follow all rules and regulations set forth. Currently, in 2020-2021, I volunteered with the current Mayor on the Policing Commission Review Committee and was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award for my service.  I proudly walked in our July 4th parade with a banner.

I earned my J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence) law degree from Suffolk University, Boston, MA








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